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Mally Mall Pimp listed on Hip Hop Weekly


Mally Mall has a pivotal influence in the popularity of Drake and Tyga. With the support of Mally mall the success of the Debut Album called Hotel California made Tyga a popular celebrity in the music industry. Similarly Mally Mall has also influenced Drake too.

Mally mall was featured on the Hip Hop Weekly Magazine. The picture of the Mally Mall rapping a show was included in the Blog. Thousands of copies of these magazines were sold. It is clear that Mally Mall is gaining significant popularity in the music industry after working with number of famous artists in the Hip hop and pop music.

He now has close associations with the most popular artists in the industry. He is right into the game. Currently mally mall pimp is building reputation through various media sources and not to forget his music which is helping him to progress further. He has been a major picture who has been extensively researched and browsed on the internet. His popularity seems to bloom indefinitely.

The latest music project he is working on features the top artists including Justin Bieber and French Montana. He is going to create one of the biggest rivalries on the playlist of IHeartRadio Music. Check out Mall Mall on Hip hop weekly.

French Montana Lately announced his new project called Coke Boys 4 to be produced by Mally mall.  This will on the mixtape track 15 feat Mally Mall, Rick Ross, and Jazz Laser. Check out Mall mall with French Montana.

Mally mall has been into Music production from a quite a long time. Song called Drop bands on it by Wiz Khalifa produced by mally mall pimp Las Vegas reached the top 20 on the Billboard charts. This was a great success achieved by Mally Mall which attracted other artists to work under Mally Mall Music or Fortune Music production.

Mally Mall at the Mayweather VS Canilo Fight

Mally Mall is a great enthusiast of professional boxing. As many of us are fan of his music he is diehard fan of Floyd Mayweather who is a professional boxer in America. He during this career has twice won the five division world championships. Moreover, he has eight world titles. Also Mayweather is the welterweight champion and was ranked number one in the welterweight rankings. He is included in the top 50 paid athletes in the world.

This famous personality was cheered by mally mall pimp during his historical fight against Canelo Alvarez from Mexico. The event held at MGM grand Las Vegas in the Garden Arena.  That night was taken away from the American boxer Floyd Mayweather. He stood as the winner at the fight. The fighter was also supported and cheered by all-time favorite rapper Lil Wayne and pop star Justin Bieber. They both walked Floyd to the ring.

Mally Mall seated in the VIP seats watched the whole fight with his friends. Many of his friends from the music industry attended the event. Some of them were Tyga JJ, Spiff, Lil Za, MDMA, Lil Twist and Poo Bear. Check out Mally Mall cheering Floyd Mayweather.

Some days ago Mike Tyson had revealed that Mally Mall and Justin Bieber are his close friends. It seems that mally mall Las Vegas has great connection with the professional boxers. His music production and the artists working with him have created a great sensation with the audiences. Mally Mall’s efforts to bring together great artists and create music have given the Hip Hop a new color. Mally mall other than loving boxing has many other astonishing hobbies such as having wild animals as pets, collecting sneakers, aquariums, tattooing and many others. He is an interesting person in the music industry. Check out Mally Mall and pets

Mally Mall Pimp all set for the” Wake up in it”

Mally Mall recently shot the music video for the “Wake up In it” featuring Tyga, Pusha T, Sean Kingston and French Montana. Check some of the photos clicked in behind the scenes Wake up in it

Mally Mall had worked with all these artists before. The previous albums were hit. The music production of mally mall pimp is brilliant. He has perfect tone and sound engineering skills. Now the artists have decided to make a new album. Sean Kingston after his success in Back 2 life and King of Kingz he has never been out of the media picture. The soprano voice of the Kingston with the added mally mall pimp Las Vegas music is expected to turn out unique and best. Mally Mall has produced music for variety of styles and genres. So this time with varying rapping styles included with pop sound from Justin Bieber and Kingston will likely to bring an awesome album. The name of the album is Drop Bands on it.

Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston had worked together before. They had a hit called Eenie Meenie. The song was written by Sean Kingston, Bieber, Benny Blanco, Steven Battey, Ernest Clark and Marcos Palacios. The music producer on this album was Blanco.

Tyga after many legal issues regarding the last album has bounced back. He has also worked with Justin Bieber. All the songs in the album are not yet revealed. Mally Mall in his interview said that the album will be released in the month of May this year.

The first song Wake up in it will be released very soon. The shooting of the music video and all the recordings are done. The record label will be Mally Mall’s own Future music and Mally Mall music. Check out Mally Mall new album .

Mally Mall Pimp dating Carmen Electra

Actress Carmen Electra has chosen Mally Mall as her new man. She is roaming with mally mall pimp at parties and visiting his studios. Mally Mall has dated many girls in his life and this relationship can’t be special. But the chances of this relationship turning into a permanent bonding are bleak.

He has shared many pictures of both dating together at many occasions. Check out Mally Mall pimp date with Carmen Electra.

Carmen Electra had romantically involved with many musicians before like Tommy Lee and Fred Durst. She likes to hang out with musicians. But for one time she had a long period relation with NBA star Dennis Rodman. Now she has picked Mally Mall as her mate. Carmen Electra had given media statements upon relationships as ordering cheeseburgers at a restaurant. Mally Mall knows the type of girl he is involved with, he would act accordingly.

Mally Mall famous as a musician has attracted many ladies towards him. Many of these seek publicity as mally mall pimp Las Vegas is popular figure in the news media. Carmen Electra after her success as a playboy magazine model has not made any significant progress lately. Maybe this is her publicity stunt. Mally Mall through collaboration with Tyga and Drake has brought fortunes. This will continue as fans love the unique style of music that Mally Mall produces.

Even the teen pop sensation Justin Bieber has been lately spending his time with Mally Mall. He has collaborated and released new albums with Tyga. These are hit and made their entry in the music charts. Mally mall is right now working on a new album. This album is likely is have his own musical number. Mally mall is very talented musician who can compose music and as well as produce. Lot of rappers are now turning towards Mally Mall as their producer. Check out Mally Mally Las Vegas girlfriend.

Mally Mall Pimp Gifts French Montana

Mally Mall and his pets are very popular on news lately. Interviews showing his pets are all over the internet. He had given a Monkey named Mally as a birthday present to Justin Bieber. Not until German authorities seized the monkey into their custody, he was playing with it all the time.

Mally Mally had lately gifted a monkey named Julius Ceasar to the Morocco born Rapper French Montana. Apparently the monkey is a tiny one which feeds on the bottle milk and sleeps cuddled to French Montana.

Actually French Montana owns different varieties of animals at his house. Now having this monkey he has added a new member to the group. Mally Mall gave this monkey to French Montana as a symbol of friendship. French Montana shares that his monkey has the trend to throw feces at people. He finds this hilarious. Check out this, Julius Caesar with monkey Mally Mall pimp gift to French Montana.

French Montana was surprised to receive the gifts from Mally Mall. He has not mentioned about this before.  Mally Mall on his meet with Montana on his private jet he gave the monkey as a gift. French Montana and mally mall pimp Las Vegas are together working on their new album called Drop bands on it. The album will have songs from many popular artists including Justin Bieber, Sean Kingston, Tyla, and Pusha T. News about mally mall pimp collaboration with these artists was first published in the Hip Hop weekly Journal.  The twitter posts on this music project are posted frequently on the MallyMall channel.

Mally Mall owns many pets at his house. He is a great animal lover. There are cheetahs, wolves, snakes and exotic fishes at his house. Almost a entire zoo at his house. He had shared about bringing a giraffe at his house. Soon you could find one at his house. The rap music producer has his own taste of living life to the fullest. Check out Mally Mall pimp Las Vegas lifestyle.


Mally Mall pimp Limousine

Mally Mall famous music producer travels in a Limousine. It is luxurious, wealthy and exquisitely styled as per Mally’s tastes. A Limousine on the road signifies someone important inside it. So you can imagine the Mally Mall’s status and glamour. He travels in his Limousine for the parties and studios. Interestingly once he was caught on camera with a cheetah sitting beside him and yawning on the Limo. After this Mally Mall had a whole new part of him to share with the fans. He has a number of wild animals at his house. Some of them are Wolves, cheetahs and monkeys. He doesn’t fear to have them as his pets. He feeds them humanly food and has provided them with separate living habitat. Check out.

The limousine of the Mally Mall is made of the latest design in the car industry. The electronics, machinery, fabrication, interior design and engineering are perfectly done. The Limousine which Mally uses is made of black interiors and exteriors. Basically the popular limos seen today are Lincoln, Cadillac, and Escalades. Mally Mall travels in the Cadillac Limousines. The limo used by this celebrity is spacious, stylish and looks classy. He normally wears black outfit which matches with the interiors of the limo. mally mall pimp Las vegas has made an appearance with the Limo in the Song called Molly feat Tyga and Wiz Khalifa. Check out

The use of Limousines will continue in the future albums too. Tyga as his favorite artist is about to record some more songs after the success of first record Rack city. All the music production work of this will be performed by Mally Mall. Also involvement of Justin Bieber in the records has added pop color to the albums. This will continue and mally mall pimp is surely going to find the success he desires.

Mally Mall pimp jewels

Mally Mall has a great style in the form of chains, rings and ear piercings. He has bold and attractive designs of jewels that show his passion for following the hip hop culture. Ever since Mally Mall entered the music industry he has been rich and famous. He owns a lot of rings, chains, expensive watches and ear rings. Most of them he never wears it or just shows a bunch of them. He finds it as a hobby or passion for collecting interesting things. Mally Mall usually wears exotic dresses and jewelry on parties but on the studios you can see him wearing a gold chain and earnings on his outer wear.

The jewelry in the hip hop emerged when early rappers like LL Cool, DMc and Slick Rick began to wear glossy jewelry while performing and on videos in their records. Wearing rich and precious jewelery is the symbol of status and success among the artists. Mally Mall has no limit for his fame, he has worked and collaborated with a lot of musicians and produced their music. He is talented and musically tuned. In his interview mally mall pimp Las Vegas had revealed about his solo album in which he composed and written lyrics for the songs on his own. Check out Mally Mall pimp interview .

Mally Mall mostly the causal wearing jewelry not the extreme ones like shoe or teeth grillz. Out of all the jewelry of mally mall pimp the chains are the important ones. The chains of Mally Mall contain Stones embedded through a pendant. The designs of these chains follow a classic design of the Hip Hop bling. Mally Mall like the Kanye West, Jay Z or P Diddy will turn a Multi-millionaire by his talent in the music industry. Check out Mally Mall pimp Las Vegas music

Mally Mall and his pimp body

Mally Mall is different from the other mainstream artists. He has a great physique that shows his intensity and passion for rap music. Mally Mall daily spends some time at the gym at the morning. He has his own diet that keeps his fit and healthy.

Mally Mall week starts with Chest, Triceps and shoulder exercises. During this first day he concentrates on building the upper body strength. He exercises on Dumbell pressups, Chest Flype pushup and Deltold raise.  On Tuesday he does the Legs and abs. His gym trainer guides him about doing different types of exercises. Sometimes he switches to regular jogging with his headphones on. Mall mall doesn’t have a strict workout routine. If he finds the workouts boring he switches to other type of exercises to keep his body fit. On Wednesdays he takes a one day off from these workouts as a matter of rest. On Thursday he exercises on Back, biceps and abs. He follows the intensity sets in his workouts. Mally Mall uses Headphones while working out on the treadmills. This gives him energy and confidence for extra workout. Check out Mally Mall music. Friday is the last workout day of Mally Mall’s workout routine, he works on the forearms, calves and shoulders. The steady state cardio exercises are performed during this workout. On Saturdays and Sundays mally mall pimp takes rest at his house. On every workout day he starts with warm exercises such as stretches and jumping.

Mally Mall is very diet conscious person. He eats only organic food and avoids having red meat. During morning he drinks specially made health drinks to replenish the nutrients in the body. Overall mally mall pimp Las vegas takes good care of his body. After all artists must have a good physique to be a celebrity. Mally Mall has nailed it no doubt about that. Check out Mally Mall at in morning


Mally Mall and his pimp Hookah

Mally Mall the popular Music producer loves smoking hookahs. Check out Mally Mall pimp in Hookah bar . Smoking hookah a Middle Eastern concept was rare in the west. But there are hookah bars, lounges and pubs everywhere in the U.S. Mally Mall posted a twitter post on smoking a hookah at a bar. It much seems like he is hanging out with his friends Tyga and Drake. Dressed in a contemporary wear with gold embedded goggles and jewels mally mall pimp Las vegas is having a puff of this awesome hookah flavors. The producer from Brazilian origin has a very interesting life of his own. He owns wild animals at home, has his own sneaker place, and most importantly is a well renowned multi-talented music artist.

Mally Mall uses the Fantasia Hookah for smoking. These are premium branded Hookah pens specially made for parties and cocktail drinks. These come in variety of flavors and last long when smoked. The hookahs are tweaked to give a smooth flow of smoke and flavor. Fantasia Hookahs are made from the imported tobacco from Cuba. Nicotine free or tobacco free fantasia hookahs are also available. Mally Mall has a Fantasia E-hookah with a diamond tip. This tip glows while he uses it. Check out New song on radio. You can see him enjoying hookah at the bar in Las Vegas.

The favorite flavors of Mally Mall are Adios Mofo, Magic Dragon, Purple Haze and Joker. Fantasia has an endorsement deal with mally mall pimp as he is popular music producer in the music industry. So Mally Mall occasionally likes to lounge with hookahs and have fun. His music Album to be released is expected to have some scenes where mally mall pimp will be seen smoking Hookahs in the bars. He will work on these albums as a solo artist.

Mally Mall and his pimp headphones

Mally Mall owns everything that is best in the market. He is adventurous, musical and a great human being. Recently he displayed new bought headphones on his twitter channel and he states he loves them. Mall Mall owns a Monster DNA pure sound headphone. These headphones are used by many popular celebrities in the music industry. Monster manufactures some of the amazing headphones for listening to hip hop music which is Mally Mall’s specialty.

The headphones are equipped with latest technology called PureMonster Sound. Having these headphones on your ear, one can hear every beat, rhythm in detail. The sound is bold, clear and enhanced with soothing chime. The headphones also have an iconic look which suites Mally Mall very well.  The material used in the headphone is high quality premium vinyl that provides a layer of protection against any kind of damage. Also dual audio input jacks are incorporated in the DNA which helps to share music together with friends. This headphone used by mally mall pimp Las vegas can be a gift or picked by him. But most importantly he enjoys listening to music through it. Check out New headphones Mally Mall

These headphones come in 3 varieties of colors black, silver and bronze. Mally Mall owns a black one. The pillow soft cushions provided with the headphones can leave a person listen to music for hour. Wearing these headphones one can only hear the music, all the noise from the surroundings is cut off. Mally Mall looks cool wearing these headphones. His Tonsure, goggles and jewels nicely complement each other. And not to forget his tattoos they also do promote his hip hop look. These are his personal headphones which mally mall pimp uses at his house. These are less likely to be used at the studio while he is producing music.  Check out Mally Mall new music album